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Four Winds Aviation -  The BEST Choice in Aerobatic & Tail Wheel Instruction!

Four Winds Aviation, located at Aero Country airport (T31) in McKinney Texas, was founded to provide pilots with a specialized source for pilot and aerobatic flight training services.  We are a flight school with the experience and knowledge to provide safe and reliable pilot training from Private Pilot to ATP Pilot, Aerobatic & Tail wheel training to aircraft and Tail wheel rental services to the general aviation community.

Our Specialties

Our courses are focused on making every pilot we train the best pilot they can be. Our school specializes in pilot training for all pilot certificates. Our services include training for the Sport, Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI & ATP pilot certificates. We offer courses in Advanced Flight Training involving Basic through Advanced Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuvers (EMT) & Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT), initial tail wheel transition and tail wheel re-currency.  Four Winds Aviation excels in providing the highest quality training tailored to each customerís specific goals.  Whether you are starting from "ZERO" time, adding a new rating to your existing certificates, or are nearing completion of a certificate, we will sit down and map out a training program to meet your specific needs and to finish the rating in minimal time at minimal cost.

Our Experience Shows

Four Winds Aviation Flight Instructors are bar none the highest qualified instructors in Texas. We have been providing Aerobatic training services to the US Air Force under the School of Aerospace Medical Program for 6 plus years. We also provide flight regime services to US National Defense Contractors and flight training services to the US Department of Interior and Bureau of Wildlife Services. All of our flight instructors hold their ATP rating, considered the "DOCTORATE" of flying, have been instructing for many years and have thousands of hours of flying experience. Our instructors have flown numerous mission profiles from Military, Airline, Corporate, Aerobatic Competitions, Air Shows and Back Country while flying a wide array of aircraft ranging from Piston Singles, Piston Twins, Turbo Props, Multi Engine Jets and Helicopters. Our Instructors must also meet and maintain the highest professional piloting criteria to be employed with us. As such all of our Aerobatic Instructors hold their ICAS / FAA "SAC" Card (Statement of Aerobatic Competency), often referred to as a Low Level Card. To obtain and maintain this card from the FAA the pilot must fly and pass a rigorous yearly aerobatic test administered by an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE). Our instructors have the experience to guide you down the path of success because of the varied professional pilot background each possesses.

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Our Pitts S2B is now Sponsored by::

MT Propeller

A very special "Thank You" to MT Propeller!!


Aerobatic Thrill Ride Discovery Flights available to those who walk a little differently in life!

Our Pitts S2B Biplane Thrill Ride Discovery Flight is a full on experience designed for the adrenaline junkie that wants to experience Air Show style flight. The maneuvers and the G's get ramped up in the Pitts S2B


Pitts Thrill Ride

Spend Your Training Dollar Wisely

Before you spend thousands of dollars on flight training, do your home work on the school, as well as the flight instructors working for the school you may be considering. Ultimately, it is the flight instructor that will have the biggest impact on your success as a pilot. Starting with a highly rated professional pilot that has the years of professional and instructional flight experience will pay you huge dividends in your long term aviation success.


Tail wheel, Aerobatic and Instrument Aircraft for Solo Rental

As for tail wheel aircraft, most schools don't teach tail wheel because the number of qualified tail wheel instructors has declined (even through the number of sport aviation tail wheels booms). Tail wheels have also gathered an undeserved reputation over the years as being difficult to fly, so many schools shy away from them. At Four Winds Aviation, aerobatics & tail wheels are our specialty! 

Flying a tail wheel isn't hard... It's just different, and it'll make you a better pilot in spite of yourself!  We are also able to rent to qualified pilots our American Legend Cub, Super Decathlon 8KCAB & Piper Warrior with Garmin 530 upon our complete Tail wheel or Piper checkout.  We are the only flight school in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex to offer this!  Additionally we offer training in our Pitts S2B

The Pitts is available for dual instruction, and is available to our students for use at local aerobatics competitions. Become a "Pitts Driver" today.


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Aerobatic Team

We not only teach aerobatics, we actively compete in IAC sanctioned events!

To find out more on the team and opportunities for you,

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