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Four Winds Aviation offers training designed to substantially increase the safety and pleasure of flying. All of our aerobatic courses start with confidence and safety training and extend through our intermediate and advanced aerobatic programs. All courses are taught to specific completion standards but one caveat to note is that course flight time estimates are approximate (See explanation under estimated costs)


Our Super Decathlon, which is fully aerobatic and stressed certified for +6 -5 g's, is available for solo rental after completion of our insurance checkout requirements.  Being able to rent our aircraft for solo use makes it possible for pilots to progress smoothly from aerobatic basics to more advanced flight through practice and dedication.


Our Legend Cub AL3, primed and Ready for Duty!

Our Pitts S2B is available for Dual Instruction and also for IAC Sanctioned Competitions to qualified pilots. Call for details on competition availability.

Our Extra 300L is a two-seat, unlimited-class aerobatic airplane and is unrivalled in its class.To learn more about some of the key features and training opportunities of our Extra 300L contact us today

Estimated Costs for Aerobatic Courses:
For pilots who have never flown with Four Winds Aviation before, costs for our various aerobatic courses can not truly be estimated to the exact dollar, but we do provide to you a range of expected times needed to complete the training to help in your budgeting.  Our philosophy at Four Winds Aviation is that safety is paramount.  We can not justify in the facet of safety, nor in the fairness to you as an aerobatic student and pilot, to rush you through a course just to get you finished in under 5 hours.  

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We want you to succeed, and to also be the best you can be at performing aerobatics accurately and safely.  Since piloting skill is such an extremely important part in this realm of flight, a simple rush through 5 hour course is not the way to go.  It just won't build your skill level or confidence. 

We also see a varying range of piloting skill and abilities, theoretical knowledge and physical tolerance to G forces, all of which will influence progress significantly.  Our basic aerobatic course can be completed in as few as 7 flight hours, but more commonly requires 10 to 12.  In a few rare instances, students have required twice that much time, but this is very uncommon.  The intermediate training program is designed to suit individual students, so even broad estimates with this course are impractical.  What you will be when you complete any of the courses with Four Winds Aviation is extremely proficient.  You will finish with the confidence and skill to perform any of the maneuvers covered in each of the courses.  We owe it to you as a pilot, and you owe it to yourself, to not shortcut any of the flight training that involves aerobatics.

Course Descriptions



Tail Wheel Transition / Endorsement

You have always had a yearning to fly the nostalgic aircraft, or maybe of owning that Pitts or Christian Eagle, and dreamed of rolling through the sky as other pilots stare skyward in envy. Problem is, they all have conventional gear and you're not yet Tail Wheel qualified. 

Problem solved!  Come to Four Winds Aviation and let one of our highly qualified Tail Wheel instructors make a better pilot out of you, and earn your tail wheel endorsement in the process.  This course is a great deal of fun, very rewarding, and you will wonder why you waited so long to get the endorsement. In all of our tail wheel training, we use the American Champion Super Decathlon or our newly acquired Legend Cub AL3 exclusively.  Fly one of the premier aerobatic trainers available on the market today or fly the latest and greatest in Light Sport Aircraft. Don't wait, come see us today to start your training.

(Flight: approx 5 - 10 hours, Ground: 3 - 5 hours)

Light Sport Pilot Course in Conventional Gear Aircraft

Earn your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot Certificate in a brand new, recently acquired 2007 Legend Cub aircraft.  This pristine aircraft is ready to serve you and help you reach for that pilot certificate you have dreamed of.  If you have ever thought about obtaining a pilot certificate, and had worries about passing an FAA 3rd Class Medical, fear no more.  You only need a State Issued Drivers License to act as your medical after obtaining your Sport Pilot certificate. Contact us for more details!.

(Flight: approx 25 hours, Ground: 15 hours)

Private Pilot Course in Conventional Gear Aircraft

Learn to fly the way pilots were meant to fly, in a Tail wheel aircraft.  Start and finish your Private Pilot training with Four Winds Aviation in our 1995 American Champion Super Decathlon or Legend Cub and make yourself the best pilot you can be in the process. 

Our course not only covers the requirements to qualify you for the Private Certificate, we also train you in Basic Aerobatics along the way. You come out a more confident and qualified pilot! 

Click this link to learn more on Private Pilot Training.

(Flight: approx 45 hours, Ground: 30 hours)

Private Pilot Course in Piper Archer

Our course not only covers the requirements to qualify you for the Private Certificate, we also train you in real world flying along the way. Become a more confident and qualified pilot! 

Click this link to learn more on Private Pilot Training.

(Flight: approx 45 hours, Ground: 30 hours)

Instrument Pilot Course in Piper Archer

Take your pilot skills to the next level. Learn to fly solely by reference to instruments.  This is a tough and demanding course and you will become a very proficient, safer pilot. Start to finish you will be flying our Piper Archer with a beautifully equipped panel that includes a Garmin 430, Garmin audio panel, auto pilot and more.

Call us to start your training today.

(Flight: approx 40 hours, Ground: 20 hours)

Confidence Course 

This course covers STALLS, SPINS, and UNUSUAL ATTITUDES and is designed to complement standard flight training by increasing flight skills in stalls, spins, and basic unusual flight attitudes. Pilots interested in increasing confidence and basic flight skills will find this course quick and effective.

(Flight: 1 - 3 hours,  Ground: 1 - 2 hours)

Flight Instructor Spin Training Course

The emphasis of this course is on developing precise skills through detailed instruction on the aerodynamics of spins. This course goes beyond meeting the minimum requirements for the "Spin Endorsement" for those in quest of the initial CFI certificate.  The CFI candidate will become proficient in the recognition and recovery from imminent, unintentional spins.  Course will also cover entry and recovery techniques along with the control techniques to maintain a stabilized spin. Upon completion of this course the CFI candidate will receive the spin endorsement along with the confidence to take on this "most feared" realm of flight.

(Flight: 2 hours,  Ground: 1 hours)

Basic Aerobatics Course

The emphasis of this course is on developing precise skills through detailed instruction on the aerodynamics of each maneuver.  The maneuvers covered are:

  • Spins
  • Aileron / Slow Rolls
  • Loops
  • 1/2 Cuban
  • Competition Turn
  • This course prepares the pilot for IAC Primary Category Competition

The goal of Four Winds and this course is to produce graduates who continue to improve on their own in solo aerobatic flight. Students can expect to be signed off for solo after completing the first six maneuvers and demonstrating appropriate takeoff and landing skills.  After solo, the course completes with the final two maneuvers. 

(Flight: 10 - 12 hours,  Ground: 3 - 5 hours)

Intermediate Aerobatics Course

Pilots must be proficient in basic aerobatic skills to progress to this course.  The individual maneuvers covered in this course are listed below.  We do however, tailor this course to the specific pilot and his/her requests.  

  • Hammerhead
  • Slow Roll & 2 Point Roll
  • Extended Inverted Flight
  • Reverse Cuban
  • Immelman
  • Split S
  • Shark's Tooth
  • Reverse Shark's Tooth
  • This course prepares the pilot for IAC Sportsman & Intermediate Categories of Competition

(Flight: 10 - 12 hours & Ground: varies)

Advanced Aerobatics Course

Pilots looking for advanced aerobatic trainng will meet one on one with an Instructor to map out a individualized training program.  Rest assured that you will be training in your choice of aircraft, our world-class aerobatic biplane, the Pitts S2B or the unriveled Extra 300L!  As this level of training will be conducted in the Pitts S2B or Extra 300L, the pilot will receive a heavy dose of Spin Training, to include Upright, Inverted and Crossover Spins. Further training will be based on the current IAC Advanced Competition maneuvers and figures listed in the current year routine.

  • Upright Spins
  • Inverted Spins
  • Crossover Spins
  • Tail Slides
  • All IAC Advanced Maneuvers

(Flight: hours vary & Ground: varies.  Individually designed program for the Advanced competitor.)


Aircraft & Training Rates

  Service Rate

Legend Cub AL3

Legend Cub Rental (Solo)

Tail Wheel Endorsement & Sport Pilot Rating

$130.00 / hour

Super Decathlon Decathlon Rental (Solo) $160.00 / hour
Piper Archer

Archer Rental (Solo)

$142.00 / hour


Aviat Pitts S2B

Extra 300L

Pitts Rental

Extra 300L Rental

$225.00 / hour

$375.00 / hour


Instruction Rates

Ground and Flight Instruction


Primary Training $50.00 / hour (Sport & Private Pilot)

Instrument Training $60.00 / hour (Instrument Pilot)

Aerobatic Training $60.00 / hour (Super Decathlon)

Pitts Training $75.00 / hour

Extra 300L Training $75.00 / hour



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