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Multi-Engine Training Coming Soon

Four Winds Aviation is currently expanding its flight operations to encompass Multi-Engine Training.  We feel there is a need for basic and advanced multi-engine training in the DFW area for an affordable cost.  Now, affordable and aviation have never been very synonymous with one another, but we believe that with our performance twin, we can offer multi-engine training packages at a significant savings over other flight schools operating more expensive aircraft.  To remain on the cutting edge, rest assured that our aircraft has had a number of performance upgrades and has an updated avionics package so you will be training in an advanced cockpit environment.

Add the multi-engine (ME) rating to any pilot certificate - Private, Commercial or ATP.  At a minimum you must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate.  There is no written test or minimum training hour requirement for the ME rating.  The rating is added to your pilot certificate upon completion of our training course and a check ride with an FAA Designated examiner.  Once your training is complete, you will be scheduled with our on staff examiner to simplify the check ride process.  The check ride is both an oral and flight test.

Multi-engine instrument privileges can also be included with your rating by completing the appropriate requirements as listed in the practical test standards at the time of your check ride.

We offer a basic multi-engine training package that will prepare you to pass your flight test and more advanced packages to provide training in the advanced systems of a modern twin. We also have hour-builder packages if you need to build 25 or 50 hours for your resume or to meet your insurance requirements.  These packages are a definite bargain over other local DFW schools hourly rental rates. 

If you are pursuing a Professional Flying Career then you must know that multi-engine time counts.  It has been said that Multi-Engine time is everything for the commercial pilot, and this adage holds true when seeking that first flying job. The more multi-engine time you have the better your chances are at securing a pilot position in a 135 or 121 operation.  We can help you attain this valuable multi-time!

Flight training consists of dual instruction and will be done in a modern twin representative of the GA fleet.  The multi-engine training starts with conventional air work, take-offs and landings, and a review of the aircraft systems. The focus then shifts to engine out procedures - identify, restart or secure, and then single engine maneuvers and landings. For instrument privileges, the training includes single engine approaches (ILS, VOR, NDB), landings, and missed approach considerations.

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So, whether you're starting from scratch with your multi-engine (ME) training or you already have your ME ticket and now want to expand your comfort zone & piloting skill with more advanced flight training - Give us a call!


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