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four winds aviation
est. 2001
Aero Country Airport
10015 Falcon Ln, McKinney, TX 75071

Excellence & Professionalism

We at Four Winds Aviation have always taken great pride in the flight school we've created. We're family owned and operated with over 2 decades of training experience rooted in tail wheel and aerobatic instruction. On top of that, we know firsthand what it takes to become a full-time, professional pilot. 


We say all of this because our students are more than just a source of revenue to us. Our school presents aspiring and licensed pilot's alike with unique opportunities, both professionally and recreationally, so flying always remains fulfilling.

Spend your training dollar wisely

DFW's airspace is exceptionally busy. This means students are often left waiting for takeoff clearances before flying to the practice area, all while the plane is running and training costs are incurring.


These operations are inherent to flying, but Four Winds has the advantage over the competition with reduced ground operations due to a smaller airfield, as well as ease of access to areas safe for practicing maneuvers. Over the course of a new rating, this translates into more efficient training and money kept in your pocket. 

Personalized approach

Flight instruction can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Couple these facts with ineffective instruction and it's easy to see why aspiring pilots can lose sight of their dream and become discouraged. 


Here at Four Winds, we recognize the pressures of flight training and the differences in learning preferences amongst our students. As such, we take the time to find which of our Instructors will best fit your needs and tailor our training plans to fit into your life.



Our FLeet


Beechcraft Sundowner

Available for Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial training.


Piper Warrior

Available for Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial training.


American Champion Super Decathlon

Available for tail wheel, Private Pilot, Aerobatic, and Commercial training. 

Image by Avel Chuklanov

American Champion Super Decathlon

Available for tail wheel, Private Pilot, Aerobatic, and Commercial training. 


Pitts S2B

Available for thrill rides only.


meet the team




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CFI, Tail Wheel, Aerobatics

Curt is a past National Aerobatic Champion. 2014 (Intermediate category). He has been a licensed Pilot for over 25 Years. Curt As a child always had an interest in airplanes and aviation. His favorite toys were cars or airplanes. He always wanted to become a pilot. Finally at the age of 30 he began pilot training. And received his private pilot’s license. Past President of the International Aerobatic Club Chapter 24. Member of International Council of Airshows,
International Aerobatic Club,
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association. 
An Advocate of the Young Eagles program and encourages everyone young and old to take at least one flying lesson. The aircraft is a Aviat Pitts S2B equipped with a Lycoming IO-540 260 HP



CFI, Tail Wheel, Aerobatics

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CFI, Tail Wheel, Aerobatics

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CFI, Tail Wheel

Larry started his passion for aviation at the age of 13 after attending his first airshow. He earned his private pilot certificate just after high school spending the next 20 years earning additional certificates and ratings while raising a family and flying professionally on the side. Larry learned how to fly tailwheel aircraft with Four Winds and continues to predominantly fly tailwheel aircraft. He is an owner of a 1949 Cessna 195 and a 1944 AT-6D Texan!

Image by Leio McLaren


CFI, CFII, Tail Wheel, Aerobatics

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CFI, Tailwheel

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CFI, CFII, Tailwheel

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Image by Andrew Palmer


CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatics

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CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatics

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Image by Brent Cox



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