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Flight Training


Licenses & Ratings

  • Private Pilot License

  • Instrument Rating

  • Comercial SEL Rating

Additional Training

  • Tailwheel Endorsement

  • Spin Endorsement

  • Competition Aerobatics Training

  • Upset Recovery Course

See below for Course descriptions, timelines, and estimated cost!

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Private Pilot

DESCRIPTION: We'll take you from zero hours to licensed Private Pilot with a training plan tailored to your schedule.  In this comprehensive course, you'll learn the fundamentals of flight, navigation, and safe aircraft operation from seasoned instructors. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to earn your PPL and take to the skies as a certified Private Pilot.

TIMELINE: 3-6 Months

EST. COST: $9,500


The estimates provided above are what we tell our prospective students to budget for Private Pilot training and represent the best case scenario. Timeline and cost are largely dependent on frequency of training and the student's commitment to learning outside of the aircraft. Contact us today for additional pricing details!


DESCRIPTION: Designed for licensed pilots, this program equips you with the expertise to navigate and control aircraft solely by reference to instruments. The Instrument Rating is required for pilots interested in flying professionally, however we strongly recommend this course for pilots flying recreationally as well (clouds are disorienting and dangerous). It is most cost effective to transition to this course following your Private Pilot training so you can master the art of precision flying and enhance your career opportunities in aviation.

TIMELINE: 3-6 Months

EST. COST: $10,000


The estimates provided above are very similar to what we provide our prospective Private Pilot students. The figures above do not account for the 50 hours of Cross Country as PIC required for the Instrument Rating. Contact us today for additional pricing details!

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Service Name

DESCRIPTION: Our flight school began with a single "taildragger" in 2001. Although our operations have since expanded, we haven't strayed from our roots. Today, we offer instruction in our Super Decathlon for several facets of flight training. With a tailwheel endorsement, not only will your skills as a pilot improve, but you'll also possess the ability to fly more interesting aircraft. Whether you choose to start from hour zero in a tailwheel, or are just looking for an endorsement, Four Winds Aviation has you covered!

TIMELINE: 5-10 Hours

EST. COST: $2,500

Spin Training

DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to equip pilots with the knowledge and skills to recognize, prevent, and safely recover from spins. Join us to explore aerodynamic principles, practice recovery techniques, and enhance your aviation safety expertise. 

TIMELINE: 1-2 Hours

EST. COST: $500



Service Name

DESCRIPTION: Our instructors are well versed in the realm of competition aerobatics and airshow routines. Whether you’re looking for contest prep, or you’re interested in refining your maneuvering skills, Four Winds has the resources and expertise to help lay your aerobatic foundation. Courses range from Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, with instruction tailored to each pilot’s interests.

Program Highlights:

  • Spins

  • Aileron / Slow Rolls

  • Loops

  • Half Cuban

TIMELINE: Contact Us

EST. COST: Contact Us

  • Competition Turn

  • Hammerhead

  • Extended Inverted Flight

  • Much More!


DESCRIPTION: Elevate your aviation career with our Commercial Single Engine Land (SEL) Rating course. This comprehensive program is designed to transform licensed pilots into skilled professionals capable of operating single-engine aircraft for compensation. Gain proficiency in advanced flight maneuvers, navigation, and commercial pilot responsibilities, opening the door to exciting opportunities in the world of aviation.

Program Highlights:

  • Advanced Maneuvers: including Chandelle, Lazy Eight, 8's on Pylons, and Steep Spirals.

  • Emergency Procedures: including engine failures, system malfunctions, and emergency landings. 

  • Cross-Country Flights: additional cross-country flights necessary for commercial training. 

  • Night Flight Training: including takeoffs, landings, and navigation during nighttime conditions. 

TIMELINE: Contact Us

EST. COST: Contact Us


Cost and timeline estimates for Commercial rating are dependent on pilot's skills and overall competency. Contact us today for additional pricing details!

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